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Winter Meetings

DOWAGIAC meeting CANCELLED for 1/28/14 and rescheduled for 2/11/14!!

The 2014 Crop Management Update Series will feature the following topics:

  •  "Herbicide Site of Action, What's Next in Controlling Weeds on Your Farm" – Dr. Christy Sprague, MSUE Weed Control Specialist

  • "Managing Rootworms on the Fringe; Determining if You Have Bt Resistant Rootworms on Your Farm" – Dr. Chris DiFonzo, MSU Field Crops Entomologist

  • "Corn and Soybean Fungicides: To Spray or Not To Spray" – Dr. Martin Chilvers, MSU Field Crops Pathologist

  •  "What, When and How Much? Answers to Soil Fertility Uncertainties" – Dr. Kurt Steinke, MSU Soil Fertility Specialist

  •  "Getting Crops off to Good Start: When to Use Seed Treatments, Cover Crops and Bio-Fumigants" – Dr. George Bird, MSU Field Crops Nematologist and Professor Emeritus

  •  "Considered Alternative Forages or Cover Crops Lately? Getting the Best of Both Worlds" – Dr. Kim Cassida, MSU Forage Specialist

  •  "Market Fundamentals and Price Outlook for 2014 and Beyond" – Dr. James Hilker, MSU Commodities Marketing Specialist

Regional topics of interest will also be discussed at these meetings. A special emphasis will be placed on answering questions following the presentations.

The Crop Management Update Series will be making stops in:


            January 16, 2014        Shifter's Restaurant, Alma

            January 17, 2014        Alpena Community College, Alpena

            February 13, 2014      Sanilac Career Center, Peck

            February 19, 2014      Van Buren ISD Conference Center, Lawrence

            February 20, 2014      Zehnder's Restaurant, Frankenmuth

            February 21, 2014      Cabela's, Dundee


Programs will run from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. except at Lawrence, where the program will run from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Lunch will be provided. A $20 registration fee for the programs, partially underwritten by MSPC and CMPM, will cover the meal, a 2014 Weed Control Guide and other printed material. RUP and CCA credits will be available pending MDA and ASSA approval.

To register for the session nearest you, visit the MSUE upcoming Educational Events page at: For more information on these programs, you can contact the Van Buren County MSU Extension Office at 269.657.8213.